Tuesday, February 05, 2002


3 days of work left. As much as you can hate work, I really don't want to leave. Perhaps it's all a comfort zone thing but really - a) I'm not ready to go back to Melbourne, b) I'll totally miss the money, 3) Most of the time I do enjoy working there [even thought I bag it and hate it some days]... I know that there's more reasons but right now I'm not quite sure of them.

I think that I need to make some decisions about what I really want to do. If I definately don't want to be in Melbourne, I probably shouldn't be there. It's a waste of money for a start and it's just making me unhappy. I'd love to move out of home here in Warny - work & study part time. But maybe I won't like that either *shrugs* I hate trying to make life changing decisions because I'm so scared of the outcome and that I'll change my mind again 10 minutes later.

One of my options - well thoughts rather is so dependent on other things. Like if my cousin doesn't get into Melbourne & the new chick at work doesn't work out I'll see if I can get my old job back part-time and study part time or off campus.
Ergh... I don't bloody know!!!