Thursday, January 31, 2002

Wowie! You are Redensek! You are techy yet cute, and pretty much all around cool. Everyone loves you! You're fun, popular, and can mold yourself to fit right in to any situation.
Wow, long time no blog.

Anyway, not a whole lot has happened. We've had relatives down since Friday. My uncle & cousin, and then my aunt and cousin. Last night my cousin, sister & I went out. It was a pretty good night actually. Mind you my 16 year old sister got totally wasted, at the pub, on a school night *hmmm*... Luckily I got to have a sleep in. So hmmm...

I have 6 days of work left - I don't know whether I'm excited or not... yes & no I guess. I'm hoping my cousin gets into Melbourne somewhere in 2nd round offers - it would be pretty cool. We've set ourselves a weekly date of "Thursdays's 2 till 2" read: drinking, Thursday's 2pm till 2am... could be a bit fun.

Um... I'm thinking of going blonde too... right now I'm dark brown, but I have blue eyes so it could be okay, perhaps I can do it a gradually with foils or something, *shrugs* not too sure. Right now I'm making "mini-twisties" which consists of twisting all my hair into mine dreadlock type things, it's gonna take a while, I have *a lot* of hair...

This a boring, right? Time for me to go.