Saturday, January 26, 2002


I've been rather unproductive today... I watched Rugrats nearly all day - as cool a show as it is, believe me, one does get sick of it after a while (funnily enough - I watched it from 9:30 until around 5, I did have about an hour break when I went down the street though).

Mum & Dad & my sister got back from Melbourne with two presents in tow for me a book "Teach Yourself CGI in 24 hours" and a funky new singlet top, it's white with red stripes and blue trim. And it say "have a boy in every port" - all good :-)

I'm thinking of starting another blog on my site - but what would the point in that? And besides I couldn't get it work anyhow :(

More later - maybe
Australia Day... day of beer, beach & bbq's. Perhaps

I think I'm living in a dream world actually.

Friday, January 25, 2002

Okay.. so for something a little more interesting I'm going to do the "Friday Five" -- I've got no idea where this originated from but I stole it from Jen

1. What do you have your browser start page set to?
blank... it's the only way to go

2. What are your favorite news sites?
--> Don't tend to look at news online often, but I head to ninemsn every now and then.

3. Favorite search engine?
--> Google! Google! Google!!

4. When did you first get online?
--> Ages ago now, but much later than everyone else. We got the net at home after I finished Year 12 (handy huh) so it was X-Mas '98.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
--> 3 day weekend!!!! Ummm Mum, Dad & my sister are away until tomorrow night, so I'm fending for myself coz my brother seems to have gone AWOL, then I'll head to Lisa's. Tomorrow going to the beach and then a 21st tomorrow night... Sunday & Monday are totally free at the moment though.

Hmm, wasn't that lovely.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Hmmmm it's half past midnight and I'm still up - luckily I told my boss that I wasn't going to be in till a bit late tomorrow (or today rather)...

I'm in a dodgy mood, I want to sleep but I know as soon as I lie down I'll become all awake again, I hate that.

I've had the weirdest mood day. You know those days where you're happy one minute and then all yuck the next. Well I was like that today. I had a headache, stomach ache and it's that time of the month - too much info but hell...

Anyway now I'm complaining.

My cousin got into her 4th Uni preference, I'm not sure if she's happy with it or not coz I haven't spoken to her yet. But her best friend got into a course a Vic Uni in Melbourne, and my cousin wanted to go there aswell. However she's got into one here in Warrnambool, so it looks like she'll be living with Mum & Dad this year (glad I'm in Melb!!).

new topic

I saw this girl I went to school with today when I was down the street doing the banking. I didn't stop to speak to her coz I was really busy and so was she. But she has two kids!! She's only just gone 21 about a week or two ago from memory, argh!

I don't understand the whole teenage pregnancy thing, a while ago now I wrote a whole "article-type story" thing about ithere And I've still got the same opinion. Should you be proud of the ones that make it or turn your backs on the ones that don't.

Well a year (and a bit) later, I'm still seeing the same thing. And I think the problems gotten worse, how can that be. Do teenagers really want to have babies or is it cool? Or what? Whatever reason you have to wonder whether bringing a baby into that situation is really the right thing to do. Can a 15 year old really be an effective mother in the long term? Sure every case is different and you do see some success stories.

A lot of girls I went to school with have had children, easily, easily over a dozen. And I'm only 21. There've been success' and failures but I'm still "up in arms" about it so to speak.

If I got pregnant now (an immaculate conception of course ;) I really don't think that I would cope, at all. I'm not sure what my parents would say, or my friends or my relatives. I'd be scared of their reactions. I don't know how I'd tell them, it's such a terrifying thought. Me, with a baby. There would be so many things that I wouldn't able to do anymore. Like sit here all night and surf the net, design webpages. I'd be too damn tired. I couldn't go out every weekend and drink. My regular Wednesday night dinner thing with my friends would be out too... I could forget about going back to Uni for a while.

But then you think you'd have brought a baby into this world.

I don't know, there are just so many teenage girls with babies here in Warrnambool that it's scary. There've been several public jokes made about it; when Rebecca's Empire played here at a street festival a year or two ago they said "what isn't there anything to do in this town if you're fifteen, you have to go get pregnant..."; and on triple j when they were in warrnambool "Hi, we're in Warrnambool, the teenage pregnancy capital of the world - or maybe just victoria but shit the babies are popping out the the kids here" or something to that effect.

Well I guess all of this is just my opinion and I hope that I haven't offended anyone by it but... feel free to let me know.

-- thought provoking enough rach? --

Monday, January 21, 2002

Blogger was being dodgy earlier so now I've cracked it and I'm not typing out the huge post I wrote before.

Quite simply I want people to go here and let me know what their screen resolution size is - it's mainly for the benefit of others because really webmasters really do like to know what the majority of people have...

if that makes sense

Sunday, January 20, 2002

People from Australia & the UK will appreciate this, a "Neighbours A to Z" I found on the net, these are the best picks

C is for Cheese, everyone must agree Neighbours is the cheesiest show on Earth.

F is for Foul, there have been many foul characters in Neighbours, namely HANNAH.........

H is for Hannah, definately the worst character ever to poison the TV screens across the world.

I is for Idiotic, which explains most of the acting.

L is for Lolly, hahahhahahahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa hhhhaaaaa.

Q is for Queensland, where all the characters magically go to.

V is for Vanish, which many of the characters seem to do, ie Madge.

Y is for Yawn, which Neighbours makes me do very occasionally when Madge and Harold are on.

hehee..... well it gave me a laugh

I must be too tired - night all
I feel like making a heap of collages... I might do that... right after a spa to ease my aching sunburn... :)
Wow... I haven't blogged for a couple of days...

Not much has happened. Yesterday was the best summer day, nice and HOT! :) Spent the whole afternoon at the beach - mmmm... I got sunburnt though, I'm so annoyed with myself about it. I put sunscreen on a couple of times and everything, I hate that. I guess coz it was only 15+ and not 30+ oh well, not much I can do about it now. It doesn't hurt too much I guess.

Oh, yesterday Mum went and bought a vacuum cleaner AND me a scanner! yay!! I'm quite impressed. I started playing with it last night but I have to work out where I want to set it up in my room because my desk space isn't that big.

Anyway gotta go... pictures soon