Thursday, January 17, 2002

Yay, we've finally got a bit of consistent summer weather happening!! I'm a bit excited.

However, all I wanted to do tonight was go for a swim but I felt really sick really suddenly at work and had to get driven home, I felt so bad. I'm a little better now, I just hope it doesn't last long because I had so much planned for this weekend :(

Um... nothing to report. I'll think of a deep and meaningful topic soon

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Whilst I'm at it, a few good Aussie-type links (I'm too tired to type anything worth-while)

eh, that'll do!!

Oh, I'm starting my first clique soon - keep an eye out!! (well Rach & Jen I'll email you both about it anyway, coz I'm pretty sure it's just you guys that read me;)

Just found the funniest thing - all true!!

These two mates - an Aussie & a Kiwi had a bet on a game (must have been rugby) between the aussie & the all blacks, whoever lost had to re-enact their most embarrassing moment.

The Kiwi lost, so now he's busking his way around London until he gets enough money for his flight home - hehe
The web page has a pretty funny Harry Potter parody on it!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2002


what a day, "some days are just a pile of crap - and then a bird will shit on you" I read that somewhere and somehow today it seems a little appropriate.

I had every intention of making a long and "thought provoking" to use Rach's term, but I just can't be stuffed really... What can I say.

I went for a swim in the river this afternoon, it was suprisingly pleasent, I thought I'd freeze my tits off but it was glorious, I didn't stay in for very long, but I swam a few "laps." To define, our house backs onto a river, so rather than a back fence we have a river, and we swim in it... a "lap" is up about 3 houses... and they're big blocks too, so it was probably around 1km - not much I guess but then my brothers dog thought I was drowning so he kinda got in my way. He scratches if you're not careful, so we put him on an old body board and if you go to far he'll jump off to save you.
Cute - but annoying!

Oh well, bed time.

I'm in the mood to write a long post again, (like I intended not to yesterday) but right now I don't have the time because soon I have to go back to work.

I'm having "a day" - it started off good, really good. And it's just slowly gone down hill, I think because I've been given a few crappy jobs to do, but I spose that there's not much I can do about that. I only have 4 weeks of work left and it's back to Uni...


ooo! just remembered a phone call I had to make.

Monday, January 14, 2002


I wasn't going to make another entry but I thought that this topic warranted it...

internet popularity
I don't want to go on and on about it because other sites have (read:, amongst otheres (you'll find them from links on the sites - entries around early jan)

Anyway, I've been designing for a while now but have only just recently got into the whole "cliques & affiliates" thing, and I personaly haven't had any trouble (okay, so maybe being knocked back from hosting but who cares)... I have, however, had read quite a few peoples blogs and so forth that are rather bitchy. I accept the fact that the majority of the people are teenage girls... okay maybe not majority but quite a few, and as we all know girls tend to be bitchy (eps. at that age. I have a sister, I know!).
Back to the point... they get crapped off about people stealing there designs, copying coding and layout etc etc etc... *shrugs* It is almost impossible to try and come up with a completely original design... okay, perhaps layout is a better word for that.
Layouts are layouts, shouldn't it be the content that counts? The images used behind it or with it. The way you link it, and content, content, content!!! I mean, My current homepage layout no doubt is similar to another, but I didn't do it intentionally... but whatever...
Some people say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, sometimes I tend to agree. If someone wants to copy you doesn't that mean that they admire you? I would be flattered if someone admired me. But on the other hand I would also get pissed off if someone stole my work. So I guess that you can't win either way.

back to popularity...

I've recently installed a guestbook/dreambook/whatever on my site... I put it there so people could comment on what they see, whether they like it or hate it. And sure I'll check out the sites of people that have signed it if I get time, but I really don't like it when people sign it saying "come look at my site" - it just deter's me from doing it.
I have a hit counter on my site... index page only... some have them on every page, and nothing against them for that, it's an informative thing. But does it matter how many hits you get a day? I don't think it does.

I didn't want to make this long, but I have...
to sum up - I design because I like it, I want to get better at it... not to get hits and so forth - I can't deny that it's nice - but I do it because I like it. And as soon as you start obsessing over the amount of hits you get perhaps it's time to get out of the game (for a figure of speech) - do something else. Obviously you're not doing because you like it anymore, you're doing it because you think you have to.
What's the point in that?
Oh my... I was at work at 7:45am this morning. I even beat the boss, can you believe that? Well if you knew me well, you'd say no!!! I so used to be a morning person but since going back to Uni last year it just hasn't been happening. I like mornings, I do, you feel like you've done heaps just because you're up an hour or so earlier. Like today at work -- normally I get there around 9-ish, and then go to the post office and balance the truck sheets and I'm done around 10:30-ish 11. Well today, all done by 9!! So I got stuck right into it. I posted 10 days work!! I was on a roll... and well then I had a few problems and I was starting to get a little tired ;-) and there was a few things I couldn't get passed because of some computer glitches.. but hell! I'd done like a day and a half's (or is it halve) worth of work by 3!

How good is that? (can you tell I'm impressed with myself)

Then tonight I come home and our austar is working - yay! (except they're watching some crap show at the moment - blah). And I chose my Uni timetable because when I went to login this morning it decided not to accept my password, argh, networks! And going by the percentages it looks like I should get all of my preferences.
My days should be Tuesday 10:00 - 4:30 - no break... official anyway, usually most classes tend to finish early - and who goes to them all anyway (me! this year anyway.... maybe) and then Wednesday 8:30-10, 12-1 & 3-4:30 - that's it... 10.5 hours. Wait it will only be 10 because I have a half hour crossover, which I can avoid but it would mean an 8:30 start two mornings in a row. but then I get a break on the Tuesday, but whatever. We'll see!

So it all looks good.

Oh, I told Mum & Dad "my plan" -- my plan = I go back to Uni for another year and study there, then next summer if I can get a full-time job web designing here at home I do the rest of my course by correspondence, I move out of home (properly) and rent here at home. If I can't find a job, however (fingers crossed), I go back and finish the course there... both have their ups and downs of course but right now I just want to live in Warrnambool where all my good friends are. You know I didn't really appreciate what good friends they were until this summer, probably because I've been without them for a fair whack of the year. Anyway Mum & Dad seemed okay with "the plan" - I wanted to do it this year but I also want to go back and live on campus to see what it's like with more people there.

Oh! On a totally different note, I'd like to thank the people for signing my guestbook over at my homepage... they are;

Jess and

Thanks guys -- wow, they all start with J freaky huh?

Anyway, I'm off now... Blog me back!!

Sunday, January 13, 2002

I ended up going out last night.... well not out but I went to Sara's and we watched a DVD - Coyote Ugly - we'd both seen it before but it was about the only decent on left at the video store.

I'm NOT spending all day infront of the computer again today, just checking my mail and going I think... I have to clean my room ergh and I have a heap of washing to do so that I'll have some clothes to wear.

Oooo I've just been offered some hostings! yay!! Now all I need is a name - hmmmmm I don't particularly want to go with "ruckus" because I think it's kind of ugly, mabye suz-ish... that's pretty good. I'm a bit hooked on that lately... Maybe I'll think of something soon...

TTFN - ta ta for now (hey, I just watched Winnie the Pooh ;)
M * A * S * H

You will marry JAMES BOND (most recently played by Pierce Brosnan) from the James Bond movies, live in many expensive penthouses filled with many girls and many martinis (shaken, not stirred), and spend your days driving explosive foreign cars and spying on villains with big egos and small brains.

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?