Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Just checking in... well I could say that nothing much has happened lately but that's a lie - straight out!

Well, right at this moment we don't have a kitchen... there's a spot for one but it's been ripped out. We're getting a new one put in starting this week. I guess that it's something to look forward to. We'll have a new stove & oven & microwave - pantry, cupboards. But probably not a dishwasher which is a pain because the one we have won't match anymore :( oh well you get that.

Um, today I went to the bank for work and I fainted, how embarrassing! It was a pretty bizarre feeling really, I was standing there and I felt a little funny and the next minute I know I'm on the floor, weird! But I got the afternoon off so I guess that's a bonus. But I have huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge lump on my head. Perhaps it's not huge but it sure hurts a lot...

Erm, Tim came to visit yesterday which was nice but he only stayed till this morning but that's okay because he had to work. And well right now everyone is grumpy so it wouldn't be very pleasant.

Thursday I'm thinking of going to see American Pie 2, but the downside is I'll be going with my little sister and her friends. I'll try and drag someone else along I think. I also want to see Lantana, Monsters Inc. & Harry Potter. I'll get there eventually. Might see Harry Potter on Saturday night.

Not going out this weekend I'm doing the rest of my austswim course so after that I'll be a fully fledged Swim Teacher - but I think that I have to do an exam first and maybe get a 1st Aid Certificate or something, *shrugs*

Goddamn it's noisy in here.

Want to be on Big Brother 2 - Australia? go to http://www.bigbrother.com.au

Anyway, getting distracted!

Sunday, December 02, 2001

I have to be corny

I miss you Tim!!!
I just found the coolest site http://www.80schildren.com/. It's for all the 80's kids out there!! You know you'll love it! I'm quite impressed by the whole thing... it's a worry.

It's raining outside, but it's okay because I don't need to be out there! bonus!

I've had a pretty good weekend actually. Went out on Friday & Saturday night, to Taco Bills first both times and we were drinking "smurfs" they're quite yummy, and very potent. They taste like bubblegum sort of and have lots of alcohol in them. I recommend.

I should write more but I'm feeling random

Happy Birthday Jen. And Happy birthday to Amy for tomorrow. And if I forget D for the 8th and Ang for the 12th.... Wow, I have a lot of birthdays coming up.

Anyway, my sister wants the net and i'm working on a new site.

Don't forget to blog back!