Friday, November 16, 2001

I have to say Kerry Armstrong is a legend! I had to laugh, Roy & HG told people at the start of the AFI's if people forgot to thank someone just come on back up and and thank them - just interrupt... and well she did. I'm proud.
I'm supposed to be at a 21st... I'm so lazy, but I'm so over going to them and besides I'm still a little sick so I thought it be best I stay at home and be better for mine next week - and I'll see him the guy's who it is next weekend anyway. Wow, that was a shit sentence.
I moved home yesterday and I'm ready in a way to move back which is dodgy because I have nothing to do when I'm up there I guess it'll be okay when I start working again for the summer then I'll have money.
I'm watching the AFI awards at the moment, there are so many good films out right now. I'm dying to see Lantana it looks so interesting but it'll never come here so hopefully it will still be showing when I go to Melbourne next to see Tim but I doubt it. (weird there's an ad on TV for it at the moment - and it's coming here!) So scrap what I just said.
Hmm... I haven't got much interesting to say right now, I'm chatting to this weird guy on ICQ but all my responses are one word replies hopefully he'll get sick of me and go, I just can't resist the flashing message, I could always block him but what can you do?
Anyway, as I was saying I moved home and I swear you never realise how much stuff you actually have, I've got no idea where I had it all but I filled my Mum's station wagon and my little car with stuff... now it's all in my room waiting to be organised and put away - later ;-) But I've got the TV set up again so that's all that matters (even if the reception isn't so great). I can move around in one corner too so it's getting there, but I'm sure you all don't really want to read about me cleaning my room... considering that people read this...
my webpage - just a plug for my page because I have nothing else to say.
I should go but first thanks to Rach for blogging me back on more than once!

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

I have a cold :(
I move back home to Mum & Dad today over summer - until mid-February anyway, and then I'll move back on-campus. Looking forward to it in a way, basically because I can't cook! But I have so much freedom here I'm sure it'll be a bit of shock going back there. But I'm definately looking forward to being able to save some money and not have to buy groceries etc...
Last night we had the village BBQ for everyone, it was alright but I piked early cos I was sick (awwww) but then they all partied on till 5:30. Very noisy, it was fine and I couldn't hear them until Ang woke me up just to get my bloody camera (not happy jan!) and then I couldn't get back to sleep.
I really should get a move on and pack up my stuff but I'm hungry and maybe I'll eat first, then I can go get my car and pack it all up.
Just a small post today, I'm a bit tired and there's not much to say....

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Had the uni ball last night. Was a heap of fun! Jaki won best dressed female - she came as "roller-girl" and yes, she actually wore roller-skates. I was pretty impressed. Although we were home pretty early, the ball finished at 1-ish and then we went to Liam's and played playstation, ate fish fingers & some other things that start with "p" that have spinach, something & cheese in them. They were suprisingly nice. But then again I'd had a fair bit to drink.
I can't believe I was the only beer drinker on our table (so I took it upn myself to drink the 2 long necks on the table and several more stubbies, as you do). The DJ music was much better than the band "Pornland." And besides Liam & I got "our" song played "Macho Man" and it was even for Tony!
In case you were wondering, I found a polling place. But not happy with the outcome, but what can you do now!
And Rach! aol is is okay, except I don't have a lot of people on my list, so people ADD ME! But don't feel forced into it ;-)

Had a pretty big day yesterday when I think about it. Had to vote (oh yay!), and we had a bit of an, um, "incident" in my apartement with the guy who moved in recently. Not going to say much about it except that he no longer lives here and me and the other two girls who live here were a bit scared/worried. But him & his girlfriend are gone and it's all done with now. Then we had the uni ball which I've already talked about up there. Oh I have the best photo of Ang... lets just say that love hurts and she's got a lovely mark to prove it (and Liam & I have photo evidence, I love digital cameras). Aarti didn't get home till 10am this morning, Ang & I lead her astray, oops! But she's back in one piece.

Although I wasn't happy when the alarm went of at 5am because Tim had to work at 6 - grrr but I just went back to sleep so it's okay. I feel a little sorry for him, he's been at work for nearly 5 hours and it's almost 11am...
Oh, my feet don't hurt too bad I just have a bruise from where someone stepped on my foot. But I have cool balloons now so it's okay.

I hate sunday morning tv, it's the kind of time you want to just site and couch potatoe it, and there's never anything to watch. We might go get a couple of weekly videos including the Rugrats Movie, saw the start of it last night coz it was on tv before we went out and it looks pretty funny.

Anyway, that's all for now. "Blog me back" and send me some links to cool sites. I'm addicted to browsing sites with funky designs (and actual content) at the moment.