Friday, November 09, 2001

I wish my phone would ring or someone would knock on the door to visit me...

Can you tell I'm bored. I hate being bored because all I can think of is the quote that
Only boring people get bored am I really that boring? God I hope not!

Against all my better judgement I downloaded AOL, my IM name is aussie ruckus
yes, there is a space in there.
I put my new shoes on again, Ang and I were wearing our new shoes around all afternoon to get used to them for tomorrow night. There's nothing worse than wearing new shoes to a party and having your feet hurt.

I have to vote tomorrow. I really dislike elections but I guess if you think about it as
"it's not about voting the best party in, because there's no such thing, but voting to keep the worst party out" <-- Looking for Alibrandi -->
It'd probably be handy if I found out where the closest polling place was too!

Tell me to shut up!
"From now on I'm only marrying for love... and maybe once more for money
<-- Selma on the Simpsons -->
hehe... made me giggle.

I just added a comment thing to my blog - it'd be cool if you'd comment!!
I bought shoes today, they're alright I guess. For only $40 I really can't complain.
I'm a little lonely at the moment. My two housemates have gone out to a farewell dinner thing for the international students but when the time came to pay I couldn't be bothered going, now however, I kinda wish I'd gone but that's okay.
Uni ball tomorrow, should be fun. It's a "Boogie Nights" theme after the movie, it got changed from Porn Star :-) I guess it did sound a little inappropriate! But what can you do? I can't believe I just had cereal and a milo for dinner, you know things are going bad when you revert to that for dinner. But hell I move home soon I'm glad to go home for a bit not sure that I'll cope with 3.5 months. And I'll miss my friends here (especially Tim) but I guess I can come back on weekends and the like.
Time for a survey;

I need: someone to talk to.
I want: someone to talk to
I wish: not sure.
I love: stuff.
I hate: i dont think i should answer that.
I miss: Tim.
I Fear: being alone in a big dark house alone at night.

When was the last time you...
Smiled? earlier today.
Laughed? today.
Cried? a while ago.
Bought something? today - shoes & groceries.
Danced? hmmm last time I was at a 21st I guess - but I'll be boogy-ing away tomorrow night.
Were sarcastic? today sometime.
Kissed someone? today - Tim.
Talked to an ex? 2 weeks ago.
Watched your favorite movie? the other day.
Had a nightmare? a week or two ago.

A Last time for everything...
Last book you read: still reading - Pop Goes the Weasel
Last movie you saw: Memento.
Last song you heard: Russel Crowe/Meg Ryan Song.
Last thing you had to drink: Milo.
Last time you showered: this morning.
Last thing you ate: Nutri Grain cereal.

Do You...

Smoke? nope.
Do drugs? never.
Have sex? why you need to know? but yes.
Sleep with stuffed animals? I used to but I'm not sure where it is, probably at home with mum & dad.
Live in the moment? sometimese.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yes :) .
Have a dream that keeps coming back? yeah but I don't know what it is.
Believe there is life on other planets? it's hard to believe that this is all there is.
Remember your first love? yes. i do.
Still love him/her? in a way.
Read the newspaper? if someone else buys it.
Have any gay or lesbian friends? Yep.
Believe in miracles? i'm not sure.
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? sometimes.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? kinda.
Consider love a mistake? it all depends, if the person is bad for you then possibly yes.
Like the taste of alcohol? mmmmm beeeeeer.
Have a favorite candy? probably.
Believe in astrology? not particularly but I always real them.
Believe in magic? i wish i was magical.
Believe in God? i dont know.
Pray? nope.
Go to church? no.
Have any secrets? yes.
Have any pets? yeah.
Do well in school? in the subjects I like.
Go to or plan to go to college? I'm there now!.
Have a major: Interactive Multimedia.
Talk to strangers who instant message you? depends. if i feel like it.
Wear hats? hardly ever.
Have any piercings? one in each ear - but i think they've grown over.
Have any tattoos? nope.
Hate yourself? on a bad day.
Have an obsession? i dont know...
Collect anything? quotes ;-).
Have a best friend? yeah
Wish on stars? yes.
Like your handwriting? not really.
Have any bad habits? i bite my nails sometimes.
Care about looks? i've give up on my looks.
Believe in witches? i dont know.
Believe in Satan? i dont know.
Believe in ghosts? i dont know.


Well wasn't that lots of fun!! I don't really know what to write here some days - well ever actually but it's all good.
I'm nearly finished packing!
That's it!

Thursday, November 08, 2001

Not happy!

Got a phone call at 11:30 and I'd been asleep for 2 hours (I was alseep early, I know but you would be too if you'd cleaned all day)... but the point is now I can't sleep! grrr....

Anyone got a quick fix for sleeping? I might try a glass of milk

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Hmmm... Wednesday morning. I'm going shopping later today because I realised I had more money in the bank than I actually thought I did!! I might buy some shoes.

We might play mini-golf too, could be fun, we've got nothing else to do except packing. It's not that I don't like packing, it's just boring but once I start properly it'll be fine. You see do this the guy who lives in the next room needs to return our stuff that he took without asking, grrr!

You may not have come through my page, but I finally uploaded it! - bookmark it now!

Not much to say really... I should do something interesting I guess. However as Rach pointed out I can just put stuff here and save writing to her :) nice way to save time. And it gives her a good excuse not to write back ;-)

I better have a shower and get dressed!!

write me

Monday, November 05, 2001

I went to Torquay today! It was great! We went swimming... that was bloody freezing. But it was lots of fun.

I've started packing also, which isn't as much fun. I don't like it much but I can get it done quite quickly so it's all good.

Secret Life of Us is on in a moment. So I should go, I just thought I might check in, even though there's not a whole lot of interesting stuff I've got to say.

But "Hi!" to Cam, haven't spoken to you in a while :) But speaking of speaking of people, I spoke to a friend here in Melbourne that I hadn't spoken to in ages, it was really good to catch up with her even if it was only for about 15 minutes.

I'll write again soon.