Thursday, November 01, 2001

I have new socks!!

My "hole-proof" ones got holes in them. grrr!

They're pink. I got grey ones aswell... I hope these stay hole-free for a bit.

I think shoes are over-rated and that's why I get holey socks.

Neighbours is on ;) - I'm so sad, but there's nothing else to do because my friend didn't leave the key under the ashtray like she said so I couldn't go and visit her dog :( Oh well... better go.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

My car is fixed! YAY!
I'm kinda bored though and would like to spend some time with Tim. However I just told Cam that I'm not going to be sooky about it... I then explained "sooky" - it's alright Cam (she's from Norway!).
But anyway...
I'm at home in Warrnambool at the moment and everyone else is in bed, but it is 12:30...
What do I have to chat about today. Well I had a shitty train trip home, honestly it wasn't really that bad after I upgraded myself to first class. Y'see there was a school trip coming back home from Melbourne. 150+ primary school kids! Yikes! They'd been away for 9 days, I couldn't think of anything worse.
So I'm gonna go... I want to put a video on and play with my sister's new shoes. Yes that's right, her shoes. They change colour in the sun!
Buh-bye, chances are I'll be back tonight
It's 1:25AM and I can't sleep! It's bugging me.Letterman is on but right now he's interviewing Brooke Sheills - blech. I still have nothing much to say. I'm a bit bored and rather uncomfortable which isn't helping. I can't get comfortable trying to sleep either - grrr..
I'm downloading the Corel Draw 10 trial - 270 MB Yikes! I'm going to have to be careful this month not to exceed my download limit. After this no KaZaA for me, but I have enough songs to last me for now. But no big emails! Please!
An ad for the new show "Chains of Love" has just come on - that would have to be the stupidest idea for a tv show yet. For the oblivious it's a show where one person, let's say a female, is chained to for guys and she eliminates them one by one over four days. And visa versa... stupid!
I think I'm going to get addicted to blogger - help!

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Yay! I got it up and running... woo!! I'm all excited.. I'm also bored... and I'm over doing this... blah.
Anyway, iPrimus doesn't have FTP so that idea kinda went downhill... so I tried greymatter... they need FTP as far as I could tell. It was a little more confusing. So I'm back and using "blogspot" how cool.
Anyway, RoveLive just finished and now I have nothing to do! So perhaps now this is all working I can do some work on the actual content of my site ;)
Or perhaps I'll leave that to my train trip tomorrow to collect my car -- it died on Sunday just as I was about to come back to Melbourne. So it's costing me an extra $100 in travel - but I have nothing better to do.
Wow! It's my first "blog" post. I'm so excited! I hope it actually works and all... chances are it won't. But that's okay. I have so much time on my hands right now. That's right, uni is over for the year! Wooo....
Right now I've really got nothing to say, and I want to get cracking on my site.